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Packages & Courier

At DelivSource, we’re committed to offering you superior levels of essential courier service with totally flexible options available for small-scale same-day deliveries. If you require a bit larger scale, our parcel delivery service was created for you. We’re creating efficient solutions for your last-mile essential delivery.
The mission is to help small businesses and brands to excel in the e-commerce niche in general, which includes:


We’re offering convenient logistics services to small businesses and provide the benefits of custom-made delivery at a feasible price.
The LTL freight class is perfect for small businesses. The weight, fragility, and density of the freight determine the price of the delivery.
The benefits of operating the LTL freight class of DelivSource are as follows:


The highly efficient transportation solutions! At DelivSource, we can take care of all your logistics need to allow you to focus on the administrative aspect of your business. Let us be your muscle!
We’ve got the standard infrastructure to provide your demanding ground logistics solutions. It is a full network of professionals dedicated to taking care of your logistics needs. Sounds awesome, right?

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